Columbia Campus FAQ’s

And I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?” Then I said, “Here I am! Send me.”

–– Isaiah 6:8

As the launch of our Columbia Campus is LESS THAN TWO MONTHS AWAY (!!!) on March 4th, we’re asking every person in our church to consider being a part of the launch team (sign up to be a part of the launch team here). Toward that end, here are some answers to a few frequently asked questions about the Columbia Campus…

1) Will Pastor Josh be preaching at the Columbia Campus? 

YES! Because both the power of the gospel and the shape of the church’s vision & culture are largely translated through preaching, we want to maintain consistency across campuses. For this reason, the preaching portion of the service will be simulcast in HD to the Columbia Campus each week.

2) Will worship also be simulcast at the Columbia Campus or will it have its own worship leader and band? 

No, the Columbia Campus will have its own worship team each week and its own worship leader. Bridge Worship musicians, vocalists, and leaders will serve at both locations, and we are THRILLED to announce that we’ll soon be introducing the primary worship leader joining our staff to lead in Columbia.

3) Where will the Columbia Campus be located?

In God’s grace, Columbia Central High School is both centrally located for the ~400 Columbians currently attending The Bridge and just completed a brand new 800-seat Fine Arts facility. Without exaggeration, the Columbia Campus will have higher quality facilities than the Spring Hill campus! For example, here’s a shot of the auditorium we’ll be worshiping in…


4) Who will be leading and pastoring the Columbia Campus? 

For our first campus plant we wanted to send our absolute best leaders. Both Matt Svoboda, our Executive Pastor for Campus Development and Sam Featherstone, our Columbia Campus Pastor will be the point leaders for the campus. They’ll be joined by a full Columbia Campus staff to lead all ministries.

5) What will the staff at the Columbia Campus look like? 

Because we believe the Columbia Campus will grow quickly, we’ve budgeted and planned for a full Columbia Campus staff.

Matt Svoboda – Executive Pastor of Campus Development

Sam Featherstone – Campus Pastor

Brian Gangwish – Student Ministry & Community Groups Director

Matt Morris – Worship Leader

Rachel McGuire – Kids Ministry Coordinator

Production Director – TBA

Connections Director – TBA

6) Will the Columbia Campus be awesome?

Click here.

7) Will the Spring Hill and Columbia Campuses ever gather together? 

YES! While the Columbia Campus will have it’s own full ministries just like the Spring Hill Campus, we’ll at times gather as ONE CHURCH for things like Food Trucks & Fireworks, 21 Days of Prayer & Worship nights, Student Ministry events, etc.

8) How will the Student Ministry function? 

Beginning August 2018 the Columbia Campus will be launching its own thriving Student Ministry that functions just like the Spring Hill campus, but the Student Ministries from both locations will gather together for special events, camps, etc.

9) How will the campuses be the same? 

To embody the fact that we are ONE CHURCH, we are – to an obsessive degree – making both campuses feel the exact same. The preaching, worship, ministries, graphics and videos will all be the same. But even the details – campuses will have the same lobby playlists, the same MINTS, the same coffee, even the same AIR FRESHENERS so they smell the same! Someone from the Spring Hill Campus who walks into the Columbia Campus will feel like they’re coming home : )