Why our auditorium will look different this Sunday

If you’re part of our Bridge Family, you’ll notice some preeeeeeeeeeeetty big changes when you walk into tonight’s Worship & Prayer gathering or one of our services this Sunday. This week we’re (excitedly!) installing significant audio-visual equipment into our worship area.

Even though the changes are going to be upgrades, CLARITY produces UNITY and we don’t like change to catch people off guard. So here are three reasons for the additions…

SO PEOPLE CAN SEE. Pretty soon we’ll start projecting a video feed of the preaching onto the two side screens we’re adding to the center screen, so that the (surprisingly high number of!) seats whose view is obstructed by the support beams in the room will be able to see without awkwardly leaning onto their neighbor : )

COLUMBIA CAMPUS PREPARATION. The main reason for the installations is they’re part of the technological upgrades needed to prepare for the Columbia Campus video feed (for questions about the use of video at the Columbia Campus CLICK HERE). Buckle up, Bridge Family. The campus planting roller coaster is about to crest the top, and we’re going to start rolling downhill FAST in the coming weeks.

EXPANSION PREPARATION. Despite the fact that we’re currently doing 5 services every week, at our current growth rate our Spring Hill campus will be at max capacity in about ONE semester. That, coupled with the fact that it’s not longterm sustainable for me to continue to preach 5 services per week, has created the obvious need for us to plan for expansion. To avoid any cost redundancies in future expansion, we’re installing some AVL pieces that we’ll be able to use in our future, expanded auditorium.

Hope that helps, Bridge Fam! If you read this the day of posting, see you TONIGHT at 6:30PM for our Worship & Prayer Gathering!