On the Eve of Easter Weekend

Being days away from my first Easter at Lake Pointe, there’s an awe-inspiring energy and momentum building in our church. In just the last two weeks…

  • The online Easter invite has already been shared over 1,000 times, viewed over 35,000 times, and reached over 100,000 people on social media
  • We’ve passed out 54,000 invite cards
  • God willing, we’ll cram ~35,000 people into 29 services this weekend
  • I keep getting text messages like this…

Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 4.27.25 PM.png

With THOUSANDS (tens of thousands?) of people who need Christ gathering with us for Easter, a few words to my new church family heading into this weekend…


1) Act like church-planters. 40 years ago 7 families planted Lake Pointe in a bait shop, and the amount of ministry they were able to accomplish with a small group of people was AMAZING. From the stories I hear, here’s why: every single person acted like a church-planter.

  • If they ran out of coffee, no one walked away; they went looking for someone who could show them how to make more.
  • If a Kids Ministry class was short a volunteer, parents weren’t frustrated. They just hopped over the gate to fill the gap.
  • If someone saw a guest standing by themselves (and everyone knew who the guests were back then!), people didn’t wait for a Greeter to help them, they just did it themselves.

In a larger church people can look at a problem and think, “Whose job is that?”, but in a church-plant everyone owns everything as their God-commissioned job in the moment. This weekend, we’re not a 13,000-person church. We’re 13,000 church-planters, and if you see a gap, count yourself called in that moment to fill it, no matter the cost.

2) Be a 13,000-person greeting team. Leading a church, I’ve always had a firm belief that “People would rather be loved than wowed.” As important as they are, what most moves people’s hearts isn’t the quality of worship or the excellence of the technology, but the love of the people. Judging from online response, we’ll have more first-time guests in Lake Pointe services tomorrow than any other day this year, and even a fully-staffed Guest Services won’t be able to connect with every guest. We need all hands on deck to SWARM every single person who walks through our doors with the love of Christ that has been extended to you. If you see someone you don’t know or who looks lost, consider yourself a part of a 13,000-person team of Greeters. Specifically, here’s what you can do…

  • Get to know people by asking their name and introducing yourself
  • If they’re new, ask them if you can help them find anything
  • Invite people who seem alone to sit with you, or if a service runs out of seats and you see someone standing, offer your seat to them! After all, as a church we’re a spiritual FAMILY.

3) Audibly respond to the preaching. I’ll write more on this later as it may feel weird if you (like me) don’t come from an expressive church background, but not only does it help your preacher (You have no idea how much better I preach with an amen-ing and applauding church!), but it leaves a lasting impression on guests when they see the church ALIVE in response to the preached Word of God. This has been happening more and more in the services I’ve gotten to preach and it AFFECTS people. This is a text message someone sent me after a service where this happened…

“A lot of churches can have a great personality on stage, great worship, and even amazing media but there was an energy radiating from the congregation, not just the stage. This is unique because so many times people walk into a church and feel like they are being preached at or even just an audience. Today, the interaction wasn’t just one way, there was a flow of energy that can be noticed.”

GO NUTS when I welcome guests at the beginning of the message. “Amen!” “Preach, Pastor!” Break into applause when the great truths of the gospel are declared in the message. Let’s HAVE CHURCH this weekend, fam : )

4) Worship your heart out. Not only does God deserve from us in our worship every ounce of glory for what he’s accomplished in our midst, but the way a church worships is also evangelistic. 1 Corinthians 14 says that the worship of the church can cause outsiders to, “fall on their faces and declare that God is really among you.” This weekend, let’s worship with a passion and Biblical expressiveness that causes outsiders to look around and say, “God is really among these people.” Sing loudLift holy hands in worshipShout. Clap. Guys, THE TOMB IS EMPTY! Our salvation is secure, and our future is guaranteed! Let’s worship like people who believe those things.